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Novoferm is one of the largest European manufacturers of fire doors, fire windows, metal doors, interior doors, residential and industrial sectional, and much more. Novoferm operates with an extensive network of dealers and agents throughout the country will be able to follow the customer from quotation to after sales.

Operating since 1957 in the field of metal closures, the production of Novoferm Schievano since 1981 is projected on fire doors dedicating a constant effort to improve the technology, developing day by day the quality of the production efficiency of industrial organization and the staff experience.

Solidarity with Ukraine

March 2022 ❘ Company News

Solidarity with Ukraine
At the Novoferm Group we are showing our solidarity on behalf of all our employees with the people in Ukraine who are currently having to endure inconceivable suffering because of the Russian war.

Our company shares the European values of peace, freedom and solidarity. After decades of peace in Europe, this war of aggression by Russia and the associated military aggression cuts deep for all of us. As a sign of our solidarity, we are currently not conducting any business relations or sales

activities with or in Russia / Belarus for as long as the war lasts. Furthermore, lots of activities have been organised jointly with our staff at Novoferm in recent weeks to support Ukraine.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Novoferm employees from many countries in Europe for their initiatives and involvement as well as for the many donations of money and items.

Our thoughts are with every Ukrainian and we wish them the fastest possible return to peace and security in this catastrophic situation.


Functionality and materials for interior design: Colour in rooms

The aim of the webinar is to provide participants with an update on how interiors are designed, and the main features related to the organisation of space will be presented. The focus of the course will be on new materials, new trends and the concept of design. Relevant case histories will be presented. During the meeting we will address the theme of colour with a multidisciplinary approach in order to understand its main qualities and how it affects the sensory experience of the user. We will deal with some neuroscientific theories capable of translating an innate feeling regarding the attraction of specific chromatic tones.

We will see how colour and material choices in environments can be guided by the characteristics of the space combined with the needs of the people who live in it, so as to transform the sensorial experience into a supporting tool for the well-being and comfort of the inhabitants.


The formula for all meetings is the Workshop on Webinar. The webinar is being accredited for n. 3 professional training credits (CFP) for architects, surveyors and engineers.


The event is free of charge and you can participate by registering at this link:


21 March, 9:30-12:30 - SUBSCRIBE

Novoferm takes over French Manugestion Group

November 2021 ❘ Company News

Novoferm takes over French Manugestion Group
Rees, 2 November 2021. With the takeover of the Manugestion Group, Novoferm, one of the leading European system suppliers of door and docking solutions, is resolutely continuing to strengthen its position on the French market.

Within the Manugestion Group, Manuregion is a company established on the market which specialises in the installation, maintenance and repair of industrial doors and docking systems.

The business was founded in 1989, has 120 employees at seven sites in the north-east of France and generates an annual turnover of 25 million euros.

For Novoferm, the acquisition is an important step in the continuing expansion of the activities of the Novoferm Group across Europe. Manuregion has steadily grown in recent years as a result of its customer-focused range of services and has acquired a strong position in its catchment area.

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Prodotti | ArmO© Dispositivo di sicurezza

Handles are the most common vehicle for the spread of germs because we can hardly escape the need to use them. Particularly in public places, we are forced to touch the same handles that have already come into contact with a multitude of strangers.

We want to contribute to a better and safer world. That is why we have developed a device that allows doors to be opened without touching them with your hands.

Using our arms, possibly covered, instead of our bare hands, contributes significantly to preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria.

In addition, our device is made of plastic with antibacterial additive in mass, to ensure automatic sanitisation over time, limiting the environmental pollution of disinfectants.




App | Novoferm Doors Tool - Android ed Apple

Novoferm Doors Tool is our app where you can find the technical data of the hinged doors we produce: clearance, overall dimensions, transmittance, dimensional limits and much more.
The purpose of this application is to provide quickly and intuitively, all the technical information you need to choose the Novoferm door that best meets your needs.

Versatile support tool for the fire protection designer or site manager. Novoferm Doors Tool also provides details of the performance of CE marked doors and other requirements under European legislation.

A practical unit converter is also included.


Instruction for use