Fire-resistant and smoke proof sliding doors

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European standard EN 16034 and EN 13241
Underground garages, multi-storey car parks or other huge buildings require special doors. There are many reasons for this, with safety requirements playing an especially important role. This type of fire barrier is covered by the European product standards EN 16034 (“Fire barriers”) and EN 13241 ("Gates"). The new Novoferm NovoSlide Industry fire-resistant sliding door has been specially developed to meet these stringent European product standards. The door can therefore be safely used throughout Europe as a CE marked product. The gate complies with all common time classes to meet the different building regulations requirements across Europe.

Fire-resistant sliding doors separate a building's individual fire compartments from each other. The NovoSlide Industry fire-resistant sliding door does this task particularly well due to its easy installation and excellent fire-resistant properties. NovoSlide Industry fire-resistant sliding doors are comprised mainly of pre-assembled elements to make installation quick and simple. Each panel is equipped with a separate roller to save time when installing the individual panels in the tracks.

The NovoSlide Industry door has also been tested up to fire resistant class EI2 120 demonstrating its high fireresistance. Temperatures in a fire test furnace exceed much more than 1,000 °C after 120 minutes. At such temperatures, not only the door on the side of the fire, but also the masonry in the test wall is extremely stressed. Even under these conditions, the sliding door must remain intact overall and comply with the very stringent requirements on sealing spaces and insulating heat.

Your advantages at a glance

Especially quick and easy to install

Many factory pre-assembled elements save time at the installation site

Simple installation of the panels, each with separate rollers

Integrated seals between the panel joints eliminates the need for on-site panel sealing with silicone for Sa und S200

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