fire rated doors, residential and industrial closures

Novoferm is one of the largest European manufacturers of fire doors, fire windows, metal doors, interior doors, residential and industrial sectional, and much more. Novoferm operates with an extensive network of dealers and agents throughout the country will be able to follow the customer from quotation to after sales.

Operating since 1957 in the field of metal closures, the production of Novoferm Schievano since 1981 is projected on fire doors dedicating a constant effort to improve the technology, developing day by day the quality of the production efficiency of industrial organization and the staff experience.

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Products | ArmO(c) Safety Device

Handles are the most common means of spreading germs since we can hardly avoid to use them. Mostly in public places, we find ourselves forced to touch the same handles that have already come into contact with a multitude of unknown people.


We aspire to contribute to a better and healthier world. For this reason, we designed a device that allows opening doors without touching them with our hands.

The use of our arms, possibly covered, instead of our bare hands, contributes significantly to avoiding the spread of viruses and bacteria. 

In addition, our device is made of plastic with antibacterial additive, to ensure automatic sanitizing over time and limiting the environment damage due to sanitizers.




App | Novoferm Doors Tool - Android and Apple

Novoferm Doors Tool is our app where you can find the technical details of the door locks of our production: net passage, bulkhead, transmittance, dimensional limits and much more.
The purpose of this application is to provide you quickly and intuitively with all the technical information you need to choose the Novoferm door that best meets your needs.

Versatile support tool for fire engineer or construction site manager. Novoferm Doors Tool also provides details about the performances of the CE marked doors and other requirements covered by European legislation.

Inside also a practical converter of units of measure.

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