fire rated doors, residential and industrial closures

Novoferm is one of the largest European manufacturers of fire doors, fire windows, metal doors, interior doors, residential and industrial sectional, and much more. Novoferm operates with an extensive network of dealers and agents throughout the country will be able to follow the customer from quotation to after sales.

Operating since 1957 in the field of metal closures, the production of Novoferm Schievano since 1981 is projected on fire doors dedicating a constant effort to improve the technology, developing day by day the quality of the production efficiency of industrial organization and the staff experience.

Norms: Introduction of EN 14351-2

Since November 7th the norm EN 14351-2:2018 “Windows and doors – Product standard, performance characteristics – Part 2: Internal pedestrian doorsets”, related to all interior doors, it’s available in CEN (European Committee for Standardisation).

Norm EN 14351-2:2018 identify performance characteristics of interior doors and, by ancillary norm EN 16034, characteristics of fire resistance and smoke control

Next step is given by DOP (Date of Publication), expected by 31 May 2019.

After the DOP, we have to wait at least 3 months for publication in the OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union), which therefore should be in August 2019.


Products | New acustic kit

Novoferm introduces the new series of EI doors that can be installed with different acoustic kits depending on the customer's needs.
The sound insulation of the Novoferm door protects you from external noises more than any other solution.
In Novoferm We know how important is your comfort and we have done extensive research and testing to design  and  build fire

doors with an excellent ability to reduce sounds and noise from the outside, reaching results well above the Media.

You can reach up to 40dB sound insulation certificates with the SCUDO+ EI 120, while with the ELITE+ door you get up to 39dB

App | Novoferm Doors Tool - Android and Apple

Novoferm Doors Tool is our app where you can find the technical details of the door locks of our production: net passage, bulkhead, transmittance, dimensional limits and much more.
The purpose of this application is to provide you quickly and intuitively with all the technical information you need to choose the Novoferm door that best meets your needs.

Versatile support tool for fire engineer or construction site manager. Novoferm Doors Tool also provides details about the performances of the CE marked doors and other requirements covered by European legislation.

Inside also a practical converter of units of measure.

Instruction for use