Kora fill

The new KORA system offers a widely range of solutions to different requests: hospitals, offi ces, laboratories, schools, commercial and industrial projects.
A versatile door system based on the combination of several alternatives of materials, frame shapes, opening systems and esthetical fi nishing of the leaf.The freedom in combination and its design make Kora the most elegant, modern and convenient solution for projects.

Technical Features:

Leaf composed by two steel sheets 6/10 mm galvanized and textured, as standard prepainted Ral 7035, or as option with all Ral colours.

The leaf has an edge in the perimeter with aluminium silver colour and embracing the border for 30 mm.

The inside fi lling in honeycomb paper united by glue to the outside steel sheets makes a unique and strong block.

Available with laminate panel, colour and fi nishing to choose in the Abet sample, also wood design (for more information see Kora Lam).

This product is usuful for hospital projects, because it gives an high protection to impact, even if very strong, and resists to clearing agents.

Many customizations and accessories