Novoguard panic device

The simplest and most economical product proposed by Novoferm is represented by the panic device Novoguard. Easily installed on emergency and escape doors, it operates on a push bar which can be mounted on small leaf (from 35 cm wide)and shorten at site.Details an finishes are highlighted by the usage of different materials: plastic mechanism in black and grey color, push bar made of aluminum or stainless steel.

Technical Features:

Certified according to UNI EN 1125:2008, CE marked.

Operating on mortise lock (hidden inside the door).

Horizontal push bar oval tube made of aluminum. Mounted on the push side of the door by means of two lever arms located in special boxes black or grey color.

Opening mechanism functions on ball bearing (patented), which guarantees a low opening force in time.

Reversible: for right or left opening.

Encumbrance mm. 79.

Possible combinations: with or without cylinder, stainless steel handle on pull side, or only cylinder, on pull side with handle or only cylinder.

Suitable for fire proof doors Elite Rei 60, Rei 120.