About Us

In the business of metal doors since 1957, Novoferm Schievano Srl focuses since 1981 on the best technologies for producing fire resistant metal doors. Our aim is to develop and improve the production quality, thanks to hi-efficiency system of industrial organization and to the competences and skills of our qualified staff.

Inaugurated in 1995, the company headquarters located in Camposampiero (Padua) rely on a well-advanced equipment for the production and design of doors and windows, both for industrial and civil purpose. Our commitment is to respond to an increasingly demanding market with professionalism and accuracy.

In 1996 the company was acquired by Novoferm Gmbh (Germany), which integrated the range of fire-resistant doors with a variety of industrial doors.


Our products meet the most complex construction requirements and cover a wide area of employ - such as industrial or commercial building, recreational structures, construction for agricultural purposes or residential use.

Combining a wise employ of technology and experience, we create a full range of certificate products in accordance with the regulation in force. Today, Novoferm Schievano is a company committed to the manufacture of high quality products, known and appreciated by both the Italian and the international market. In the Italian territory we cooperate with a solid network of agents and dealers operating in system of transparency. We also offer professionalism and competence for the construction of customized products worldwide.

Novoferm worldwide

Novoferm is part of the Sanwa Group. Founded in 1956, now with annual sales in over 60 countries totalling more than € 2 billion and with more than 8,700 employees, Sanwa is the world’s largest producer of metal door systems. Sanwa provides everything from:industrial doors, fire protection doors, garage doors, roller shutters and automation. Our products are used around the world in industrial, commercial and residential applications. For over thirty years Novoferm has specialised in many forms of access systems for industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

With a wide choice of different designs, finishes, operation and installation possibilities you get a bespoke solution every time. We take care of the complete process from technical advice to solution development, production, assembly and support on site. All aspects of the project including complete compliance with all relevant standards and legislation are allways kept sharply in focus, which saves you a great deal of work. In addition to industrial doors, draught excluding and fire-excluding doors, Novoferm has a full range of Dock Equipment. Our modern dock levellers and shelters guarantee efficient and draught-free loading and unloading of freight vehicles.