Rsearch and development

We consider it essential
to constantly innovatetheproduct by adding,through researchandfield testing,strongcomponentsof originality andexclusivity.The constant searchallows you torefine theproducts andfind solutions forsolving problems relatingto wear andmaintenance.Thiscontinuous researchtranslatesintoproductcertifications and approvals.

For each class offire resistance anddepending on thetype of fixingthe doorsare certifiedin accordance withUNI9723/CCI/February1990CNVVFwithchecking thetime within whichthe championretainsthe stability"R","E" andthe"thermal insulation"defined byMinisterial Decree11/30/1983paragraph1.11.

In recent years, according to classification of procedures indicated in the UNI EN 13501-2:2005 of 4/1/2005 according to UNI EN 1634-1:2001