Allglass REI 30/60

Allglass REI 30-60 are the innovative glass solution for fire resistance, safety and transparency.
Thanks to the latest technological developments in passive fire protection, Novoferm offers advanced and innovative technology that provides increasingly important and trasparent glass surfaces while ensuring adequate protection in case of fire.

Technical Features:

Using a perimetric high density wooden frame with sections dimensions 77x60 (EI30) - 96x60 (EI60) and covered with painted in RAL colour profiles

Structure without intermediate frame or spacers between the glazing,bonded together by a neutral translucent silicone. Complete with intumescent seals, both silicones ( the one between the glazings and the perimetric one).

The fixing of the wall is done by means of steel wedges.

Glazed windows Fire-rated transparent to internal use.

EI 30-60 certified according to European standard EN 1364.

Maximum size possible of unique board mm. 1400x2700.

Many customizations and accessories