E25.01 Hinge with spring

Pressed galvanized steel  hinge, whit spring to achieve self-closing function. Hinges are provided with the same colour of the leaf. Hinges are fixed  and adjusted screws to the frame and leaf, with screw ( invisible when the door is closed).

Technical characteristics:

Complying with the norm DIN 18272 (there are not EN standards for hinges with spring)

Galvanized steel, with RAL powder coating

Equipped with self-closing mechanism (no need for door closer)

Adjustable self-closing force

Easily replaceable afterwards the installation of the door (maintenace purposes)

Adjustable on two axles +/- 2 mm

Fixing and adjusting with screws invisible when the door is closed

N.B.: it does not support axial load. It must be installed in combination with the hinge without the spring.