Industrie-Sektionaltore Thermo 40 mm
Industrie-Sektionaltore mit Fenster
Industrie-Sektionaltore Novolux 60 mm
Industrie-Sektionaltore Feuerwehr
Industrie-Sektionaltore in dunkelrot

The Novoslide sliding door without lower guide, is composed of panels of the thickness of 52 mm, having internal frame perimeter galvanized steel, insulated with polyurethane, covered by smooth sheet metal prepainted, available in various colors.

Technical features:

Double coated mm panels. 7/10, total thickness 52 mm.

Injected polyurethane foam insulation with density equal to 43 kg/m3.

The panels are joined in their height from a junction profile to "H" aluminum (black color) and assembled together by means of "C" aluminum profiles at the top and bottom (black color).

The upper guide stamped steel of a thickness of 40/10, is equipped with brackets for fixing to masonry and trolleys with four wheels bearing scroll; the movement is driven by lower roller pilot wheel with 74 mm. with bearing plate for floor mounting.

The closing of the door is guaranteed by cariglioni interior complete with locking rods top and bottom with reinforced toe and scroll bar with protective pvc, all galvanized steel and painted black.

The side seals are closing in natural rubber EPDM rubber anti-aging, and allow a perfect seal.