Industrie-Sektionaltore Thermo 40 mm
Industrie-Sektionaltore mit Fenster
Industrie-Sektionaltore Novolux 60 mm
Industrie-Sektionaltore Feuerwehr
Industrie-Sektionaltore in dunkelrot

Drives and operators

Types of operation

Novoferm offers various options for operating sectional door drives. A simple manual system may be suitable for doors that are used less frequently. We recommend an electrically powered door with pulse control if traffic is heavy. We can always supply the right type of operator for the configuration of your door and to satisfy your requirements. All of our types of drives and operators comply with EU standard EN 13241- 1.

Drag cable – manual operation
If the door measures less than 16 m² and is only used occasionally, you might opt for a drag cable, which does, however, require a certain amount of physical exertion (transformation ratio 1:1). There is a risk of the door not opening fully or correctly, which may result in damages.

Manual chain hoist – manual operation
Working a manual crank requires less strength than pulling a drag cable (transformation ratio 1:4). The system – which is suitable for doors up to a surface area of 30 m² – ensures that doors are fixed at maximum opening position.

Dead man's control – electric
This system is suitable for less frequent use. It only takes one push of the button to open the door, but when closing the door, the key has to be pressed and held until the door is shut. That way, whoever is operating the door can see whether any hazardous situations arise.

Pulse control – electric
If the doors are opened and shut frequently, we recommend pulse control. When opening and closing, the door is automatically moved to the end position, which can be adjusted electronically. The key does not need to be held during movement. Obstacle detection is integrated into the closing edge of the door.

Pulse control with remote control
Pulse control is excellently suited for remote operation. The time you can save is not inconsiderable. Forklift truck drivers can stay with their vehicle and open and close the door by remote control. Doors with this option are also fitted with a stationary safety opto sensor.

Remote control with rapid drive
This system is recommended for doors that are opened and closed frequently. The high operating speed opens the door particularly rapidly, helping you to save energy. It closes at normal speed. Doors with pulse control can also be fitted with variable speed adjustment.