Novopush panic device

The panic device with touch mechanism is the Novopush model. The black version with photo luminescent strip has been developed to the version similar to stainless steel, stylish and with more aesthetic impact. This is another highlight from Novoferm doors: the singular fire proof door with personalized accessories clearly distinguishes the Novoferm company from the competitors.

Technical Features:

Certified accordingly to UNI EN 1125:2008, CE marked.

Operating on mortise lock (hidden inside the door).

Support box and touch bar made of high thickness aluminum, aligned section in the length of the leaf.

Photo luminescent strip (patented) only in the black version. In case of black out it makes possible to find the exit way simply.

Opening mechanism functions on ball bearing (patented), which guarantees a low opening force in time.

Reversible: for right or left opening.-Encumbrance mm. 70

Resistant to corrosion, certified at maximum level.

External finishing

Possible combinations: with or without cylinder, stainless steel handle on pull side, or only cylinder, on pull side with handle or only cylinder.