The LED lighting kit

The LED lighting kit is recommended for showing off the best features of your garage door after sunset – and for helping keep trespassers off your property, too. It blends in with other sources of light e.g. illuminated windows and therefore stylishly showcases the architecture of your house. The lighting kit comprises four, six or eight LEDs depending on the garage door width, which are evenly distributed over the overall garage door width in a U-shaped rail. You can either remote control both it and your operator, or use a separate timer or movement detector.

Saves space and energy
Garagen-Sektionator mit LED

The flat lighting kit is designed to be space-saving when mounted underneath the header so that nearly all the passage height is maintained. Long-life LEDs provide very bright illumination yet consume very little power. The lighting units can be easily shortened to size on both sides depending on the width of the garage door to attain precise, symmetrical illumination of the garage door.

Your advantages at a glance

Weather-protected lighting

Space-saving assembly under the header

Even distribution across garage door width: 4, 6 or 8 LEDs for garage door widths of up to 3000, 4000 or 5500 mm

Operated by 2-channel remote control

Can be switched on and off separately, independent of operator function

Very bright, low power consumption

Long service life thanks to LED technology

Incl. mains transformer 230 V/12 V